Golem Arcana Discount Sale!



Please email any orders to GAdiscounts@outlook.com.  Include your zip code or country for shipping costs.  All payments are to be made through PayPal.


Arcanum Packs and Elite Units/Sets can be removed from packaging to reduce the size and weight for shipping.  Just let me know if you’d like that done and I can recycle the packaging here.



Gudanna & Durani Khan’s Pyre Arcanum packs 50% off!  Four figure elite sets for only $4 each!





                                                            Last updated 5/23/2017

Game and Accessories

Price each

  • Multiplayer Banner Clips (6 sets of 10 clips)

$6 - Only 2 left!

  • Epic Banner Clips (2 sets of 25 clips)

$6 - Only 4 left!




Arcanum Packs


  • Zikia Heralds of the Great Weald

$10 - Only 17 left!

  • Urugal Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs

$10 - Only 9 left!

  • Durani Khan’s Pyre

$10 - Sale! $5 - Only 12 left!

  • Gudanna Khan’s Pyre

$10 - Sale! $5 - Only 10 left!





  • Ashmogh

$25 - Only 7 left!

  • Valkali promo masks (set of 4) **




Elite Single Figures


  • Carapace Brute


  • Iron Earthfall




Elite Units Sets

Will break sets and sell single figures for $2.  Just ask!

  • Black Widows

$5Sale! $4

  • Charred Reavers

$5Sale! $4

  • Gilded Band

$5Sale! $4

  • Jade Guardians

$5Sale! $4

  • Rangers of the Oath

$5Sale! $4



Single Figures

Each single figure is $2

  • Relentless Brute (Urugal titan)


  • Marrow Witch (Urugal ogre)

Only 1 left!

  • Crypt Tick (Urugal warsprite)

Only 4 left!

  • Devil Djinn (Gudanna titan)


  • Dune Viper (Gudanna ogre)


  • Sand Lion (Gudanna warsprite)

Only 12 left!

  • Winged Preserver (Durani titan)


  • Fire Ram (Durani ogre)


  • Jeweled Harpy (Durani warsprite)


  • Earthfall (Zikia titan)


  • Nightshade (Zikia warsprite)




* The damaged tile sets came from a box that was beat up in shipping.  One of the corners of the tiles got a little dinged up.  They are perfectly playable and most people probably wouldn’t even notice the damage. 


**The promo masks are a set of 4 unreleased masks for the Valkali.  They do not have cards. These were meant to be used by HBS but never made it into the game.  Maybe they’ll make it into the app one day!





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