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Thank you for visiting Clix Accessories.  

Clix Accessories Story

Clix Accessories was born from the love of the old rubber ID Rings that are used to identify your HeroClix figure from your opponents when they are on the map.  When the bases of the HeroClix figures changed to the bigger size that they currently are, the old rings no longer fit.  Wanting a solution for the new bigger bases, I started to design some.  Once the design was well enough along, I had them prototyped through a 3D printing company.  After several iterations, the design was well enough along that I had enough prototypes to work for my own uses.  I painted them red to match my favorite color ID Rings and started to use them at tournaments.  

Once I started using the prototypes other people started commenting about how much they missed being able to use the old ID Rings as well.  Some people even asked about getting some of my prototypes, but having them done through the 3D printing company was VERY expensive.  I started to research other options for having them produced.  I quickly found out that any production runs would require a large amount of money from me up front.  Money I didn’t have.

The prototypes were done on a 3D printing machine.  3D printers were just starting to become a real “thing” so I thought that perhaps I could do this on my own then.  I turned to Kickstarter and launched a project to get the funding for the initial 3D printer and some plastic filament to start.  I was blown away by the response!  The project ended up almost 300% past the goal.  Clix Accessories was born!

About The Items Made

Each of the items listed on the site is…

Special Thanks

I’d like to acknowledge two people. First is Joshua J.  Joshua jumped on board during the early phases of the Kickstarter and really redefined what I was trying to do with the bases.  Without his design work this project would have never made it off the ground. He’s been an integral member of Clix Accessories.  I owe him more than I think he realizes! Second is Ben Cohen, who jumped on board to help with some of the more "organic" elements being created and has also contributed great design ideas in addition to the actual work! Thank you both!  

In addition to those people, I’d like to thank the web site and player community there.  If it weren’t for all of the great people on “The Premier HeroClix Gaming Community”, Clix Accessories wouldn’t have near the visibility or attention its gained.

A Note About The Bystander Bases

The Bystander Token Bases Clix Accessories makes have been made to hold a bystander token 1¼” in size.  Any print and play bystander will work in them, as long as the bystander is resized to fit this dimension.  A .pdf file* of some of the bystander tokens can be found here (~20MB download).

*The file tokens.pdf is provided only as a resource. Clix Accessories nor its owners claim any ownership of the file or any images/items contained therein. All images, names, and other relevant items are the sole property of their respective copyright holders.